‘Silver Linings Playbook’ Review: A refreshing cinematic experience

With eight Academy Award nominations under its belt, Silver Linings Playbook comes to audiences with high expectations. Thankfully the film lives up to its every nomination and offers a unique, heartfelt story in the modern world in the midst of an overwhelmingly large number of period pieces this holiday season. Continue reading


‘Zero Dark Thirty’ Review: Behind-the-scenes bravery

Zero Dark Thirty is a thrilling take on one character’s long and arduous process toward the discovery and killing of the al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden in 2011. It offers action, suspense, and a great deal of catharsis for the audience, making it truly a unique experience. However, some political issues may detract the critically acclaimed film’s ability to take top honors with audience members. Continue reading

‘Django Unchained’ Review: To laugh or not to laugh?

With Django Unchained being highly anticipated this holiday season, it’s unfortunate that while the film is thrilling, tense, and even humorous at times, it falls short in delivering excitement for the full 165 minutes. Continue reading

‘Les Misérables’ Review: The movie musical of dreams

Les Misérables has the difficult task of weaving film, literature, and musical theater into one enormous work of art while at the same time attempting to please fans’ high expectations. While there may be some imperfection within this process, Oscar-winning director Tom Hooper soars in bringing this completely engrossing and exceptionally fresh cinematic experience to life. Continue reading

‘The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey’ Review: It’s good to be back

For those moviegoers longing to return to Tolkien’s Middle-earth, The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey offers a satisfying adventure within the same world of The Lord of the Rings, but certainly has a different story to tell. Continue reading

‘Lincoln’ Review: History can be enthralling

Lincoln offers a poignant glimpse into the life of a man who quietly strides out of the history books and into the hearts of audience members in both 1865 and 2012. While watching this film you are able to enjoy the unique character of Abraham Lincoln as well as the political system in which he participated as President in just a short span of time. Continue reading

‘Flight’ Review: Flying high through the lows

Flight tells a tale of turbulence both in the sky and in the souls of its characters. This well-executed film hits hard with issues of addiction and a jet passenger’s worst fears, but clings to brief moments of levity and hope to protect the audience from complete depression. Continue reading