The final ‘Breaking Dawn – Part 2’ trailer is released!

It’s here! For better or worse, the final Twilight theatrical trailer has made its way online today for Breaking Dawn – Part 2!

Whether or not you are a Twilight fan, you have to admit that the franchise has made quite the imprint – pun intended – on the movie industry, bringing along a record-breaking following of fans to every movie release. This one will probably not be any different in that respect.

Breaking Dawn – Part 2 continues the story of Bella becoming a vampire and getting accustomed to her newfound abilities, as well as adjusting to being a mom and a wife all at once. On top of that, the Volturi lurks in the shadows as a threat to the Cullen clan in regards to Renesmee’s existence.

Photo: Summit

In the trailer we see bits and pieces of all these events: Bella testing out her vampire skills, the Cullens worrying about the Volturi, and fellow vampire clans coming together to help defend the family, in what looks to be a battle scene (despite the book’s opposite take on the ending). It should be interesting to see how this film ends, as it seems to differ from the book in that respect, unlike the other films in the franchise.

Well, without further ado, click the link below for the trailer! Breaking Dawn – Part 2 comes to theaters on Nov. 22, 2012.

Breaking Dawn – Part 2 Trailer

Personally this wasn’t one of my favorites of the trailers, as this is the film/book I’m least excited about. Still, it is interesting to see how all of the other vampires will be portrayed in contrast to the ones we’re accustomed to seeing (the Cullens), and the battle will probably be thrilling to watch (as it seems to be happening in some form or another).

So, what did YOU think?


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