‘Hunger Games’ movie music: What songs are missing from the soundtrack?

So, you finally have your copy of The Hunger Games and have watched it five times, but can’t seem to figure out what those songs are in the movie that aren’t on the official score or soundtrack? I’m here to help!

Photo: Lionsgate

The Hunger Games came out on Blu-ray/DVD on Aug. 18, so if you haven’t gotten your own copy, hurry up – it’s a great movie. Even if you haven’t snagged a disc for yourself, you may remember a few moments in the theater when you loved a piece of music but could not find it on the official soundtrack or score when you got home.

Well, thanks to the Down With the Capitol fan site (via the Lionsgate publicity site), I have compiled a list of songs you may want to check out if you loved the music that played in The Hunger Games. I always love associating songs with movies, so this is a great find for me as well!

I will leave the fun up to you to figure out where each of these songs fit into the movie. If you need some help, let me know – I’ll be glad to assist!

“Sediment” by Laurie Spiegel

“Farewell” by Evgueni Galperine (feat. Mariana Tootsie)

“Allt Varð Hljótt” by Olafur Arnalds

“War” by Hypnotic Brass Ensemble

“A Wasp On Her Abdomen” by Chas Smith

“Marissa Flashback” by The Chemical Brothers (from the movie Hanna)

“Three Movements for Orchestra, Mvt. 1” by Lower Austrian Tonkünstler Orchestra and Chorus Sine Nomine conducted by Kristjan Järvi

(Thanks to SarahhhAngel’s YouTube channel for some of the videos.)

You can even get your own “Mockingjay call” for FREE here, which definitely wasn’t on the soundtrack, either!

These are some great pieces of music that really enhanced the film, supplementing the few original tracks by James Newton Howard. I think that my favorite addition is “Farewell,” with a close second of “Marissa Flashback” – oh wait, they’re all great!

So, did any of these in particular stick out to you while watching the film? Would you have preferred more original songs by Howard?


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